Parents and Carers

At Connections we understand that positive experiences in early childhood can have a significant impact on a child’s development and the opportunities and quality of life they may experience.

Because of this, we place great emphasis on our programs for parents and carers to ensure that both they and their children are supported through difficult times.

We understand that families often have complex needs arising from difficult situations, and have developed a diverse range of programs to suit their individual circumstances.

Our specialist staff are available to work simultaneously with parents and children in their homes to provide a consistent, solution based approach addressing the cause of the parent or child’s difficulties and develop effective solutions for them.

Where abuse, neglect or homelessness are an issue, we aim to break the cycle by helping people develop a better sense of their own self worth. If issues have arisen due to financial difficulties, we can provide support in a number of ways to help ease the burden.

When a family is at risk of, or have had children removed, we can work with them resolve the issues within the family that have led to those circumstances. The ultimate aim is always family unity or reunification of the family where possible.

We can also provide assistance to young parents who may just be starting out and require community-based support.